About PNB


On May 23, 1978, a memorandum of agreement was made between the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) and the Technological Resource Center (TRC). The latter assisted the National Library in the implementation of the Philippine National Bibliography (PNB) system.

In 1985, the Bibliography Division decided to publish the thesis and dissertation listing in a separate volume as the following:

Part I: Monographs which includes listing of books, serials, government publications and non- book materials. (Presidential Decree No. 49 under Copyright Law)

Part II: Theses that includes listing of theses and dissertation (MECS Order No. 7, s.1982).

What marked as a milestone in the Philippine library history is the automation of the Philippine National Bibliography (PNB). This enables the first-time application of electronic data processing specifically in bibliographic recording. Enhancement of the National Library is the capability to exchange magnetic data bases of Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) cards to other countries. It also speeds up processing of materials and maintain an up to date publication schedule for the Philippine National Bibliography. Since 1974, PNB was first published in book form. In 2002 it is compiled as PDF file and arranged in a classified sequence with author, title, series and subject indexes.


In the year 2016, we started on its initial online publication, the PNB contains items that are currently gathered only last year though we plan to include titles that were previously published in book form. Philippine National Bibliography Online is a database of publications written by Filipino authors or about the Philippines even if it is published abroad. PNB is a unique resource freely available in the internet to all and it can be a starting point for information on Philippine books and writers.

The National Bibliography aims to be up to date and comprehensive as possible. It has lists of publications that reflects the intellectual and cultural growth of the Filipino people.

PNB covers the following:

• Books, pamphlets and non-book materials copyrighted under Presidential Decree No. 49. This is a decree on the protection of Intellectual Property or otherwise known as the New Copyright Law of the Philippines

• Non-copyrighted books, pamphlets and non-book materials regardless of the number of pages.

• Government publications including presidential decrees, orders, proclamations, and instructions;

• Annuals, first issues of newspapers and periodicals;

• Conference, seminar or workshop papers;

• Thesis and dissertations;

• Titles reprinted in the Philippines under PD No. 285 as amended by PD No. 400

• Books for children

• Artists’ books