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161. Book Change or heart / Luna King.

by Luna King.

Edition: Silver edition.Copyright date: c2018.
162. Book Dear baby / C.D. De Guzman.

by De Guzman, C.D.

Edition: Silver Edition.c2017.
163. Book Greed / Shaylee Sizon.

by Sizon, Shaylee.

Copyright date: c2017.
164. Book Lara's mark / Victoria Amor.

by Victoria Amor.

Copyright date: c2018.
165. Book Valentine bride / Helen Del Mundo.

by Del Mundo, Helen.

166. Bewitching neil / Ice Collins.

by Collins, Ice.

Copyright date: c2017.
167. Jillian / Aya Myers.

by Myers, Aya.

Copyright date: c2018.
168. Loving Jack is easy because she's beautiful / Asia Nolan.

by Nolan, Asia.

Copyright date: c2016.
169. The goodbye girl : iba't ibang kuwento ng kasentihan / ni Noringai.

by Noringai.

Copyright date: c2015.