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1. Book Gone? = Nawawala? / story by / kuwento ni Grace D. Chong ; illustrations by / guhit ni Koi Carreon ; Filipino translations by / salin ni Luis P. Gatmaitan.

by Chong, Grace D | Carreon, Koi | Gatmaitan, Luis P.

Copyright date: c2018.
2. Book The real thief / story by Grace D. Chong ; illustrations by Leo Kempis Ang.

by Chong, Grace D | Ang, Leo Kempis.

Publisher: Mandaluyong City : Hiyas is an imprint of OMF Literature Inc., 2018
3. Book The night daggers / Mark Santiago.

by Santiago, Mark.

Copyright date: c2019.
4. Book Ako ay may kiki = I have a vagina / kuwento ni/story by Glenda Oris ; guhit ni/illustrations by Beth Parrocha.

by Oris, Glenda | Parrocha, Beth.

Copyright date: c2020.Other title: I have a vagina .
5. Book Ang lumang makina ni lola Mina = Lola Mina's old sewing machine / kuwento ni/story by Mary Grace Borja ; guhit ni/illustration by Kring Demetrio.

by Borja, Mary Grace | Demetrio, Kring.

Copyright date: c2018.
6. Book Ang sakim na aparador = the selfish China cabinet / kuwento ni/story by Yellobelle Duaqui ; guhit ni/illustrations by Luisito Chua ; salin sa wikang ingles ni/translated in English ni Becky Bravo.

by Duaqi, Yellowbelle | Chua, Luisito | Bravo, Becky.

7. Book Ang tatlong prinsipe ng Kalinaw = The three princes of Kalinaw / kuwento ni/story by Eugene Y. Evasco ; guhit ni/illustrations by Ruben de Jesus ; salin sa ingles/translation in English by Becky Bravo.

by Evasco, Eugene Y | de Jesus, Ruben | Bravo, Becky.

Copyright date: c2017.
8. Book Cinderspectarella : a brilliantly fractured fairytale / by Anj CP ; illustrated by Jerwin Villanueva.

by Anj CP | Villanueva, Jerwin.

Copyright date: c2017.
9. Book Dalawa kami ni lola = My lola and I / kuwento ni / story by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz ; guhit ni / illustrations by Sophia Demanawa.

by Gojo Cruz, Genaro R | Demanawa, Sophia.

Copyright date: c2018.Other title: My lola and I..
10. Book Duck and Croc cannot swim / Robert Magnuson.

by Magnuson, Robert.

11. Book Duck and his tricks.

Publisher: Manila : WS Pacific Publications, Inc., [2020]
12. Book Dumating si kuting = Kuting is here / kuwento at salin sa ingles ni / story and translation english by Will Ortiz ; iginuhit ni / illustrated by Dominic Agsaway.

by Ortiz, Will P | Agsaway, Dominic.

Copyright date: c2017.Other title: Kuting is here..
13. Book In the ocean park with Sheena and Theo.

Copyright date: c2020.
14. Book Inhale, exhale = Hinga nang malalim / story by/kuwento ni Becky Bravo ; illustrations by/guhit ni Elizabeth Parrocha ; translated in Filipino/isinalin sa Filipino ni Eugene Y. Evasco.

by Bravo, Becky | Parrocha, Elizabeth | Evasco, Eugene Y.

Copyright date: c2018.
15. Book Inside the mall with Rosell and Bill.

Copyright date: c2020.
16. Book Kent and Pink surprise their parents.

Copyright date: c2020.
17. Book May kumakaluskos sa ilalim ng kama = Something is rustling under the bed / kuwento at salin sa ingles ni / story and translation english by Will Ortiz ; iginuhit ni / illustrated by Dominic Agsaway.

by Ortiz, Will P | Agsaway, Dominic.

Copyright date: c2018.Other title: Something is rustling under the bed..
18. Book Maya and her loyal friends / story by Dr. Bernadette Mondejar-Schlueter ; artwork by Ed Rompal.

by Schlueter, Bernadette Mondejar- | Rompal, Ed.

Edition: Bilingual English-Waray Edition.Copyright date: c2020.
19. Book Momotaro ang batang melokoton = Momotaro, the peach boy / muling isinalaysay ni / retelling by Eugene Y. Evasco ; iginuhit ni / illustrations by Brent Sabas.

by Evasco, Eugene Y | Sabas, Brent.

Copyright date: c2019.
20. Book My family / words by Kata Garcia ; illustrations by Borg Sinaban.

by Garcia, Kata | Sinaban, Borg.

Publisher: [Quezon City] : Adarna House, [2018]