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21. Book Law on appeals revisited / by Judge Recaredo P. Barte (Ret.).

by Barte, Recaredo P.

Edition: 2015 edition.Copyright date: c2015.
22. Book Len's love / Victoria Amor.

by Amor, Victoria.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
23. Book Mahal kita, pero / Leona.

by Leonna.

Copyright date: c2017.
24. Book Mako, the charmer / Rose Tan.

by Tan, Rose.

Copyright date: c2017.
25. Book Mercantile law digest / by Crescencio P. Co Untian, Jr., B.S. in Accountancy (Magna Cum Laude) & L.L.B., Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagaya), Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Member, Integrated Bar of the Philippines.

by Co Untian, Crescencio P., Jr.

Edition: 2016 EDITION.Copyright date: c2016.
26. Book Mining a way of life / Atty. Deo G. Contreras, Jr.

by Contreras, Deo G., Jr.

Copyright date: c2016.
27. Book My lovely bride : Ivy & Miong / Dream Grace.

by Dream Grace.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
28. Book My lovely bride : Roxan & Rav / Victoria Amor.

by Amor, Victoria.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
29. Book My lovely bride : Edda & Alex / Dream Grace.

by Dream Grace.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
30. Book My lovely bride : Cath & Doug / Heart Yngrid.

by Heart Yngrid.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
31. Book Negotiable instruments in a nutshell : (Act No. 2031) / Rocille S. Aquino-Tambasacan, Senior Assistant City Prosecutor, Manila, Trial Prosecutor, RTC Branch 5, Commercial Law Professor and Bar Reviewer, San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Author : A law student /bar reviewee's handbook in insurance law.

by Tambasacan, Rocille S. Aquino-.

Edition: 2016 Edition.Copyright date: c2016.
32. Book Oh, boy, I love you! / Albert Lang.

by Lang, Albert.

Copyright date: c2017.
33. Book Our imperfect rhapsody / Tricia Kye.

by Tricia Kye.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
34. Book Patient x / Kelly Hart.

by Hart, Kelly.

Copyright date: c2016.
35. Book Political law / Rene B. Gorospe.

by Gorospe, Rene B.

Edition: 2016 EDITION.Publisher: Quezon City : Central Book Supply, Inc., 2016
36. Book Post-love : a beautiful heart stories about moving on / Belle Feliz.

by Feliz, Belle.

Edition: Silver Edition.Copyright date: c2017.
37. Book Primer-reviewer on remedial law : (vol.1, civil procedure) : with case updates / Manuel R. Riguera.

by Riguera, Manuel R.

Edition: Third Edition.Copyright date: c2015.
38. Book Remedial law reviewer / Judge Ed Vincent S. Albano (Ret.), Former Judge, Regional Trial Court, Branck 50, Pampanga (Ret.), A.B. Political Science, Far Eastern University, 1970; A.B., LL.B., Institute of Law, FEU (Cum Laude); Professor of Law, San Beda College, La Salle, Lipa City College of Law, UE; Adamson Univ.; Former Dean, College of Law, University of Perpetual Help System Laguna; Profesor and Bar Reviewer in Remedial Law, Civil Law, Political Law, San Beda College, University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City : Albano Bar Review Center, Former Holder, Juan Ponce Enrile and Pedro Concepcion, Professorial Chair in Civil Law, Institute of Law, FEU; Author of the following books : Remedial Law Reviewer; Civil Law Reviewer Guide; Torts and Damages; Civil Law Reviewer; Persons and Family Relations; Pre-Week Reviewer in Legal Ethics; Political Law Reviewer; Philipppine Government and Constitution; Pre-Week Reviewer in Civil Law; Member of the Faculty, Philippine Judicial Academy, Supreme Court; Proprietor and Bar Review Director, Albano Bar Review Center (ABRC) [and three others].

by Albano, Ed Vincent S | Albano, Ed Vincent A., Jr | Pua, Myla Khristabelle Albano | Albano, Ed Vincent A., III.

Copyright date: c2016.
39. Book Resist : (make a difference) / Atty. Edward James A. Dy Buco.

by Dy Buco, Edward James A.

Copyright date: c2014.
40. Book Revised rules of criminal procedure : annotated / Mangontawar M. Gubat, LL.B. (Cum Laude), Ph.D., MPA, BSBA, CFA, CESE, CSEE.

by Gubat, Mangontawar M.

Edition: 2015 EDITION.Copyright date: c2015.