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81. Book Baka sakali / JONAXX.


Copyright date: c2017.
82. Book Battle between heart and mind : teen clash book 2 / iDangs.

by iDangs. (Ilyn Anne Danganan).

Copyright date: c2017.
83. Book Diary ng Emo / John Paul Sunico.

by Sunico, John Paul.

Copyright date: c2016.
84. Book Fall in love with me / Audrey Torres. Chocolate factory / Sefah Mil.

by Torres, Audrey | Mil, Sefah.

Copyright date: c2017.
85. Book Forget you but not quite / Serafina.

by Serafina.

Copyright date: c2016.
86. Book I finally found someone / Edith Joaquin.

by Joaquin, Edith.

Copyright date: c2017.
87. Book I'm yours and you are mine / Divine.

by Divine.

Edition: Silver editionCopyright date: c2016.
88. Book If i fell / SHIRLENGTERJERKY.


Copyright date: c2017.
89. Book Love instruments 1 : the old violin / Doreen Laroya.

by Laroya, Doreen.

Copyright date: c2016.
90. Book Loving Kai / Sonia Francesca.

by Sonia Francesca.

Copyright date: c2016.
91. Book Masquerade / Arianne Cole.

by Cole, Arianne.

Copyright date: c2017.
92. Book Palikeros / Dior Madrigal.

by Madrigal, Dior.

Copyright date: c2016.
93. Book Saddest tale in Kota Kinabalu / Alexia Aragon.

by Aragon, Alexia.

Copyright date: c2017.
94. Book She's dating the gangster / Bianca Bernardino.

by Bernardino, Bianca.

Edition: 10th anniversary collector's edition.Copyright date: c2017.
95. Book The day he took my hand / Sydney Dolores. One night only / Angela Alfonso.

by Robles, Sydney | Alfonso, Angela.

Copyright date: c2017.
96. Book Change or heart / Luna King.

by Luna King.

Edition: Silver edition.Copyright date: c2018.
97. Book Dear baby / C.D. De Guzman.

by De Guzman, C.D.

Edition: Silver Edition.c2017.
98. Book Greed / Shaylee Sizon.

by Sizon, Shaylee.

Copyright date: c2017.
99. Book Lara's mark / Victoria Amor.

by Victoria Amor.

Copyright date: c2018.
100. Book Valentine bride / Helen Del Mundo.

by Del Mundo, Helen.