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41. Book Sa himaymay ng puso at iba pang kuwento / Macario Pineda.

by Pineda, Macario.

Copyright date: c2013.
42. Book Sky 'my robot prince' / Zai Red.

by Zai Red.

Copyright date: c2014.
43. Book Statutory construction / Rolando A. Suarez.

by Suarez, Rolando A.

44. Book Story book : essays on the history of the book in the Philippines / Patricia May B. Jurilla.

by Jurilla, Patricia May B.

Copyright date: c2013.
45. Book Tax principles and remedies / Japar B. Dimaampao.

by Dimaampao, Japar B.

Edition: 5th ed.Copyright date: c2015.
46. Book Textbook of family medicine : enhancing the performance of a five-star family physician. edited by Zorayda E. Leopando ... [et al.].

Copyright date: c2015.
47. Book The amended Insurance Code of the Philippines, R.A. No. 10607 : annotated / Rodelio T. Dascil.

by Dascil, Rodelio T.

Edition: 1st ed.Copyright date: c2014.
48. Book The complicated life : why am I still alive / Marlo Lang.

by Lang, Marlo.

Copyright date: c2015.
49. Book The ethical reflections and theories with digital ethics / Joshua James B. Skelton.

by Skelton, Joshua James B.

50. Book The framework of industrial security management strategies / Zosimo A. Duyogan.

by Duyogan, Zosimo A | Damuag, Esmeraldo E.

Edition: 1st ed.Copyright date: c2013.
51. Book The fundamentals of labor law review / Paulino D. Ungos, Jr. and Paulino Q. Ungos, III.

by Ungos, Paulino D., Jr | Ungos, Paulino D., III.

Copyright date: c2015.
52. Book The law on obligation and contracts / Hector S. De Leon, Hector M. de Leon, Jr.

by De Leon, Hector S | De Leon, Hector M., Jr.

Edition: 2014 Rev. ed.Copyright date: c2014.
53. Book The law on public officers and election law / Hector S. De Leon and Hector M. De Leon, Jr.

by De Leon, Hector S | De Leon, Hector M., Jr.

Edition: 8th ed.Publisher: Quezon City : Rex Book Store, 2014
54. Book The new comprehensive English-Filipino dictionary with built-in thesaurus.

Edition: Big letter ed.Copyright date: c2015.
55. Book Threshold to the legal profession : an introduction to law / Rodelio T. Dascil.

by Dascil, Rodelio T.

Edition: 2013 rev. ed.Copyright date: c2013.
56. Book Tourism planning and development / Reil G. Cruz.

by Cruz, Reil G.

Copyright date: c2014.
57. Book Updates in legal ethics / Theresa S. Dizon.

by Dizon, Theresa S.

Edition: 2015 ed.Copyright date: c2015.
58. Book Wala akong bitbit na sawiang puso tuwing naglalakbay : mga tula / Carlos A. Arejola.

by Arejola. Carlos A.

Copyright date: c2015.
59. Book We could be in love / Lara Dyn Grey.

by Grey, Lara Dyn.

Copyright date: c2014.
60. Book What passes for answers : poems / Mikael De Lara Co.

by Co, Mikael De Lara.

Copyright date: c2013.