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121. Book O.S.C.A. head, senior citizens president, D.S.W.D., L.G.U.'s manual / Godofredo V. Arquiza.

by Arquiza, Godofredo V.

Copyright date: c2015.
122. Book OFW : the story worth to tell / Kate Salem.

by Salem, Kate.

Copyright date: c2014.
123. Book Silent journeys of the heart / Maria Lirio Tan Lagrimas Guillermo.

by Guillermo, Maria Lirio Tan Lagrimas.

Copyright date: c2015.
124. Book Technical writer's survival kit : a guide to effective technical writing for college students and professionals / Jessie Saraza Barrot.

by Barrot, Jessie Saraza.

Copyright date: c2015.
125. Book The National Filipino Catholic youth study 2014.

by Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Episcopal Commission on Youth (ECY).

Copyright date: c2015.
126. Book The tactics of rumour mongers / Oligoron Dimeyen Precious.

by Precious, Oligoron Dimeyen.

Copyright date: c2015.
127. Book A VU-algorithm for L1 total variation-based image denoising / by Mia Carmela S. Mojica.

by Mojica, Mia Carmela S.

Publisher: 2013. Dissertation note: Thesis (Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (Optimization and Approximation)-- Masteral University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, 2013.
128. Book Adina / Steph Vallejo, Dave Aquino.

by Vallejo, Steph | Aquino, Dave.

Copyright date: c2014.
129. Book Agutaynen-English dictionary : with grammar sketch / dictionary compiled by Marilyn A. Caabay, Melissa S. Melvin ; edited by Josenita L. Edep, Gail R. Hendrickson ; grammar sketch by J. Stephen Quakenbush, Gail R. Hendrickson with Josenita L. Edep.

by Caabay, Marilyn A | Melvin, Melissa S | Edep, Josenita L | Hendrickson, Gail R | Quakenbush, J. Stephen | Linguistic Society of the Philippines.

Publisher: Manila : Linguistics Society of the Philippines, 2014
130. Book Ambil : mga pagsubok pahiwatig & interbensiyon tungo sa pagbabagong-buhay / E. San Juan, Jr.

by San Juan, E., Jr.

Copyright date: c2015.
131. Book Ang tungkulin ng kritisismo sa Filipinas / Virgilio S. Almario.

by Almario, Virgilio S.

Copyright date: c2014.
132. Book Arts : across time and borders / Bienvenido Batallones Constantino, Jr.

by Constantino, Bienvenido Batallones, Jr.

Copyright date: c2014.
133. Book Assessment of Metro Manila bus fare computation / by Sylvia A. Laborte Chavez.

by Chavez, Sylvia A. Laborte.

Publisher: 2013Dissertation note: Thesis (Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering)-- Masteral University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, 2013.
134. Book Bar blues : or everything you want to know about the new bar exams but are too busy to ask / Tanya Karina A. Lat.

by Lat, Tanya Karina A | Gamez, Maria Gracia R.

Edition: 2013 ed.Copyright date: c2013.
135. Book Career life choices / Eva Echin Turner.

by Turner, Eva Echin.

Edition: Rev. ed.Copyright date: c2014.
136. Book Celso Ad Castillo : an autobiography & his craft / Celso Ad Castillo.

by Castillo, Celso Ad.

Copyright date: c2013.
137. Book Cha-Cha-Cha : a novel of politics / Melchizedek Maquiso.

by Maquiso, Melchizedek.

Copyright date: c2012.
138. Book Characterization of small real-world networks / Nicole C. Valdez.

by Valdez, Nicole C.

Publisher: 2013Dissertation note: Thesis (Master of Science in Physics)-- Masteral University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, 2013.
139. Book Commentaries on criminal law : revised penal code, book two, part one / Maximo P. Amurao, Jr.

by Amurao, Maximo P., Jr.

Copyright date: c2013.Online access: Click here to access online
140. Book Comparative police system reviewer / Victor O. de los Santos.

by de los Santos, Victor O.

Copyright date: c2012.